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More than at  anytime in history, we live in a time where we are constantly being bombarded with all kinds of negativity in our society and all kinds of discordant voices emanating from the churches, there is therefore the  need for us to learn more of God in simple,  pragmatic ways devoid of religiosity and denominational biases, so as to enhance our personal understanding of God and ensure our continued spiritual growth.  It’s to this end this blog was created for  daily scriptural study of God’s word, in a devotional style.  It promises to be uplifting,  encouraging and life transforming. My earnest desire is that each one of us will come to know Him personally and grow into His likeness,  becoming all we’re created to be in Christ Jesus and manifest His glory to the ends of the earth in Jesus name. 

The blog apart from the daily devotional will also feature other weekly inspirational teachings from God’s Word to encourage, inspire and motivate us to be men and women of excellence in our sphere of influence; Core new creation teachings which will continue to add to our knowledge of the truth and strengthen our faith in the finished works of Jesus
 “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”(Psalms 68:11 KJV). 

It is my earnest desire and prayer that the believer be encouraged, built,  learn and grow through this medium.  And I believe together we can be a blessing and a source of encouragement to the ends of the earth. I’m therefore inviting you to partner with me on this project. 

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 David Oyebolu.