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“By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible”

Hebrews 11:27

Happy New Month. It’s been a long pause, thank God for His grace in July. August will be even bigger and better in Jesus name.

All men of faith are men of action. Actions propelled by the invisible. A vision and a hope of a future that others can’t see. Men of vision are men of the future, because the greatness we see today was once just a vision in the heart of someone. The companies, innovations, businesses, organizations, products, services we see today were once invisible and intangible realities that existed in somebody’s mind. The invisible always births the visible.

What do you see? What is that compelling image, idea, product, concept, dream in your heart in August?  Is what you are seeing today strong enough to make you forsake certain comforts that limited you in July, abandon the known for the unknown, endure ridicules, be misunderstood, be called names, be labelled fool? Can you see the invisible? What is beckoning unto you?

The future belongs to those who can take action, make decisions, damn the sufferings, spend long hours practising, studying, investing endless hours and endure the ridicules as one who sees the invisible.

Faith is acting based on what you are seeing that others can’t see. Faith is committing to the pursuit of something that makes sense to only you. Some term it madness. God calls it faith.

As you commune with God, He will fill your heart with the invisible and pour out His grace upon you to pursue it, in Jesus name.

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13 thoughts on “INVISIBLE”
  1. Wow!
    This blessed me. I take this quote ” the innovations you see today, were once ideas, visions, in the mind of Thier innovators.”

    1. Yes Fila, that’s why we have to hold to our dream give it all it takes to birth them. For example this blog was once a dream, but now a reality. I believe millions will be blessed by it. The world needs your dream.

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