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There are many examples of how man’s experiences have played out contrarily to the will of God and how  God’s will was prayed into manifestation on those occasions.

Abraham and Sarah’s barrenness. God had said “I have made you the father of many nations” but that was not their experience. What God said was what He had already done in heaven, so as far as God was concerned it was already done. Now Abraham needed to accept it, believe it and call it to be in prayer.

Hannah’s barrenness. God had already said “none shall be barren in the land” but here was Hannah going barren, this was contrary to God’s will, hence the need to pray “Your will be done on earth in my life as it is heaven.”

Jabez’s experience of sorrow and pain. God’s will for man is that of fruitfulness and dominion, but Jabez’s experience was that of pain, sorrow and dishonor. Something needed to be done. He therefore prayed for God’s will, which is enlarged territory and fruitfulness.

Israel’s captivity in Egypt. God had said they would spend 400 years in slavery  and it continued to extend to 410, 415, 420, 425, but then they cried and God heard and His Will was done.

So we can see that one type of  prayer that works effectively is a prayer that seeks to see God’s will done in our lives. However for many the ignorance of what constitute as  God’s will has led them to  unwittingly accepted the lies of the devil, while some others are vacillating between two opinions unsure and uncertain of what God’s will really is. Believers have accepted a life lesser than God’s provisions for them, an experience contrary to what the sacrifice of Jesus has obtained for them. Because oftentimes people seek to know God’s will from very wrong sources. They seek a prophet to try to read their experience, to fathom God’s will, to look at the lives of others to ascertain what God’s will is. The document which contains God’s will concerning you and me is the bible.

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