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In the culture of a particular African kingdom, a prince chooses his princess through a month-long dance competition among the virgins of that kingdom. The heir-apparent is expected to choose the virgin that will become his bride from among these beautiful, gorgeous dancers.

One year, it was time for a new heir to choose a bride. After about 30days, this particular Prince stood up while everyone was waiting for him to point to his bride, with everywhere quiet and every breath frozen in time, he looked admirably around, turned, and looked at his parents on their exalted throne. Slowly and cautiously, he opened his mouth. After acknowledging the king, the chiefs, the leaders and the people of the community, he opened his mouth and said “In the last 30days I have seen the beauty, the culture, the color, the glamour and future of this great kingdom as expressed by the strength, enthusiasm, artistry, and commitment of our young men and the beauty of our young women.

You have shown me your love, warmth and acceptance in your attempts to outdo one another, in order to be the next queen of this great kingdom. You have shown me your beautiful curves, your alluring cleavage, your enchanting smiles, and your captivating dance steps as you rolled your waist. All these and more that can set the mind of a man literally on fire with passion, you have shown me. However, I cannot use this as the criterion to choose the next queen of this great kingdom, because the woman that must be the next queen of this great kingdom must possess intelligence, self-control, great characters like humility, tolerance, gentleness. A man who must be successful in life must have with him a woman who has his ears and seeks his best interest possessing a peaceful soul, a caring heart, and a submissive nature. Any king that must lead this great kingdom successfully through thin and thick seasons must have a courageous and selfless woman beside him. All these you have not shown me.

When the kind of the man/woman you are praying for, the kind of man/woman you desire looks at your Facebook page, your Instagram page, sees you on the street, meets you at the mall, when they interact with you, what can they see? What are you projecting? Are you setting their hearts on fire with passion or stimulating their emotions with lust. Will what you’re showing them command respect or provoke lustful desires and printable thoughts? Will it attract a soulmate or a bedmate?  Will it birth a marital relationship or commence friendship with benefits? Ponder on this.

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