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Most believers have an ‘outer court’ kind of relationship with God where they stay far from God because of a sense of unworthiness, feeling undeserving, unqualified, unsure, and uncertain of their standing with God. Hence, they depend on other people’s level of holiness, anointing, grace, closeness to God. They depend on these people to pray for them, seek God’s face for them, and hear from God concerning their lives. They depend on others to tell them about God, who God is, what is right in God’s sight etc.

But the scriptures say those who are afar have been made near by the blood. None of us is in anyway competent or worthy, or righteous enough to approach God. “Our righteousness is like a filthy rags before God.” Hence the sacrifice of Jesus, “For without the shedding of blood there’s no remission of sin.” The blood of Jesus has cleansed us from all unrighteousness. The Word of God says, “God is faithful He forgives us and cleanses us from every unrighteousness.” There is no basis for any sense of unworthiness, no reason to stay away or stay afar. The blood of Jesus has made a new and a living way to the Father. The scriptures further assert that “there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” Therefore, we can come boldly to the throne of grace without any sense of unworthiness, shame or reproach.

Why did Jesus rend the temple curtain from top to bottom, it was to give unrestricted access into the holy of holies. He obtained for us this access through the sacrifice of Himself. Jesus rent the wall of partition so we could have direct, express, unfettered, uncensored access to the Father. The Father is no longer judging you, no longer holding our sin against us because of Jesus. He wants to have fellowship with us. He wants to commune with us. We are no longer strangers but fellow sharers and partakers of the divine nature. In other words, we now share the same nature with divinity. So quit the outer court and come right in, there’s nothing with the legal rights to keep you out.

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