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In the story of creation, at the completion of each task, God assessed His works to determine their alignment with His original Vision. He looked at the beautiful earth and the stellar heavens; He looked at the light and the darkness, the seasons and the weather. He looked at the vast firmament and the bottomless oceans, the mountains and the hills, the lakes and the streams. He looked at the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, the trees and the plants, and the animals on the ground. And He declared, “Behold, it is very good!”

And then He looked at man, His most lofty dream, the embodiment of His image; He saw that man was incomplete. As Adam went about his activities in the garden, God saw that something was lacking, something of substantial importance. There was a vacuum. And God declared “It is not good!” It was not perfect, not yet.

But what could fill this great vacuum? What could eliminate this void? What could provide this missing piece and fulfill God’s intent? Then God thought and I can almost hear something click – “WOMAN!” I can just imagine the joy of Adam when he was introduced to Eve. He had found what was missing in his life. Little wonder why he burst out saying “This is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.” His joy was complete and God’s plan was fulfilled.

But what did Adam see that brought him so much joy? You see, Eve had some characteristics that reflected her place of importance in God’s agenda. The attributes she shares with God reveals how crucial she is to the actualization of God’s dream. Woman is a symbol of love, beauty, grace and elegance. She is tender and lovely, yet, powerful and strong. She is caring yet stern, compassionate yet firm. But most importantly, she shares with God the privilege of birthing life. She is a doorway through which all of God’s stars have to come. She is crucial to carrying, birthing and nurturing life. She is God’s partner in the business of life creation. She carries life within her, life is birthed from her and it is nurtured by her. The joy of man, the perfection of beauty and the joint source of all living. Oh! What a blessing the woman is.

It is time the woman began to see herself through God’s own eyes; prudent, virtuous, excellent in character, trustworthy, supportive, honorable, capable, diligent, a good steward, regal, industrious, wise, intuitive, the helper of man, God’s most celebrated General. Perfection made flesh.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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