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Continued from yesterday…

The Woman Who Snuck up on Jesus, limited by cultural norms and religious ordinances, she would have been condemned to her fate, but she believed if only she could just touch the hem of His garment she will be alright. She had no connection like Jairus, and unlike Blind Bartimaeus her ailments didn’t permit her to be among the crowd, and unlike the centurion she had no political clout to ride on, but she had faith in the man of Calvary, she had faith in simple contact. Her faith was not in getting His attention, coming to her house, laying hands on her, speaking a word over her life, praying over her. Her faith was in her making a simple physical contact with His cloth. She believed there was virtue, power flowing in Christ and that power could be contacted through His clothes. Up until then nobody had done it that way, Jesus had not spoken of it, but that woman believed it was possible and she proved it by doing it.

Different types of approach but what really counts is faith. What is your faith? What do you believe? What is your faith built on? Follow through with your faith and you will see the act of God in your life.

You see the method of approach or the process of approach, is not as important as your faith. Men at different levels of faith exercised their faith thus and God honored their faith. 

It was never about status, age or creed. It’s always about faith.

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