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“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

II Corinthians 3:18 NKJV

A story was told of an eaglet whose egg was hatched among the chickens. For long it flapped its wings, pecked on the ground, and ran for cover at the sight of a hawk like the rest of the chicks. Though resident in it was the gene, nature, strength and beauty of an eagle, its environment, upbringing, exposure, association, all it had seen and known all its life had set the limit of its existence.

Until one day in the sky it saw a majestic creature soaring gorgeously, effortlessly and fearlessly up above in the cloud. A reality hit it; that could be me, that ought to be me and the longer it looked, the stronger its desire and deeper its conviction. It looked long enough until it wanted nothing but that, it saw nothing but that, heard nothing but that. This changed its mindset, attitude, desire, aspiration and its dream. Its language changed, it talked only about things in the sky, a life up above the clouds, an experience totally alien to its present status and condition.

With a couple of attempts it failed, it crashed. Not because it was not in it, but because it had stayed down for too long, gotten too used to the low life, hadn’t exercised its capability, companied too long with mediocre minds.

The rest of the chickens could not see what it saw and therefore could not understand its new craze which they wished hopefully would soon pass away. But it kept looking at this majestic creature day and night. The more it looked the more it saw itself. One day without a goodbye it leapt up and went high into the sky. Soaring on high, bye-bye to low life, no more flapping of wings, no more struggling for crumbs and an end to rat race.

You reflect what you behold. You see, you don’t need to explain your convictions nor take permission for your confession from anyone. You don’t need anybody’s approval to dream BIG and aim high. It’s in your DNA and as we behold His glory in the Word, we are transformed into the same image even as by the Spirit of the Lord. You have been called to glory and honor, not to shame.

What have you been looking at? It is time to start looking and keep looking and never stop looking until we are transformed into what we are beholding. If you’re the one the World is waiting for, if you’re to shine and manifest the glory of God, then the Word must become your daily mirror.

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