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Continued from yesterday…

Our faith in the love of God, that God loves us no matter what is what overcomes the world. Faith that His love for us is not earned but rather He chose to love us and demonstrated His love for us when he sent His only begotten to die for us – “for God so love the world that He sent His only begotten son to die for us,” “behold what manner of love is this that we should be called the sons of God,” “if God did not withhold His only begotten son from us how shall He not also freely give us all things.” It is our faith in His love irrespective of unpleasant situations, which make it falsely appear as though He doesn’t love us, that overcomes the appearance of He not loving us. It is our faith in His love in spite of circumstances that are contrary to the life of one loved by God that is our victory over the circumstance. It is our faith in His love despite how we feel: rejected, dejected, abandoned, all alone and feeling forsaken and furlong. 

The devil will pressure us to think and to accept that we’re not loved by God, he will point to many mistakes, give us many reasons, suggest many scenarios of those loved by God and show us how contrary our lives looks to justify that we are not loved by God and that we have to do something to be accepted by God, repent and keep repenting of the same issue again and again. Thereby making our fellowship with God boring and a roller coaster of one repentance after another, but the moment we refuse to go by our feelings, our past, our circumstances and rather go by the Word, and affirm the Word and stay by the Word no matter how we feel we walk in victory over the lies of the devil and we make progress in our fellowship with God. Our walk with God and our lives reflect a life of victory.

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